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We are a professional shutter supplier with 20+ years of experience. We mainly produce interior plantation shutters, including poly shutter and wood shutter components. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of interior shutters in China, which provide large qty of high quality and affordable plantation shutter & its components.

Plantation Shutters Suppliers China

Our shutter factories are located in various provinces in southeastern China, locates very close to the loading ports, and fast delivered to shutter distributors/wholesalers around the world.

We have multiple shutters assembling lines use the painted poly shutter components made by our own factories to guarantee shutters quality from component materials.

As a Chinese plantation shutter supplier, we produce a full range of plantation shutters, such as wooden shutters and pvc shutters, including tier on tier, bay window, café style, skylight, conservatory, track, shaped, solid panel and french door. Custom shutters are available.

Our factory is equipped with very advanced and precise cutting machines and assembly equipment to ensure that our shutters have excellent quality and perfect performance.

Production capacity: Close to 30,000 square meters per month currently. We can easily increase production capacity according to market demand.

It will be produced within 1~2 week days from the date of confirmation of the drawings, achieving fast delivery.

In order to ensure that high-quality shutters are provided to distributors/wholesalers, each factory has our dedicated engineers to provide technical support to minimize quality and conduct quality inspections in accordance with third-party standards.

We have a strong and professional research department to develop new shutters series to adapt to the trend and make our dealers more competitive in the market.

Our Factory certifications: ISO9001S:2015, SGS, ICS, BSCI, etc..

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Producing the qualified products per required, our quality control team will conduct quality inspections according to third-party standards to ensure that superior products are provided to customers, which make our quality zero complaint in recent years.

Fast production and delivery: about 1~2 week production for bespoke shutters.

Flexible shipping services: We can provide good services suitable for trade conditions, such as FOB China, CNF, and door-to-door delivery with duty paid/unpaid. We have a strong overseas agents and can handle the customs clearance process very smoothly.

Provide technical support to fabricators/ distributors who purchase shutter/ shutter components from us.


We produce a full range of interior plantation shutters, such as wood and poly shutters, including tier on tier, bay window, café style, skylight, conservatory, track, shaped, solid panel and french door. As a Chinese plantation shutter supplier, we always provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive price.


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